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Hip Brace

Hip Brace

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Orthopaedic Hip Brace: Revitalize Your Mobility

Bid farewell to hip discomfort with our Ortho-Wrap Hip Brace. Using innovative Neo-Compression Stabilizing Technology, it provides immediate relief and supports long-term recovery by alleviating sciatic nerve pressure and reducing inflammation.

✓ Pressure Distribution & Stability:

Eases discomfort by reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve, stabilizing the hip and preventing excessive movement.

✓ Tailored Recovery:

Designed for various conditions, including sciatica pain, hip flexor issues, bursitis, arthritis, labral tears, groin injuries, sacroiliac joint problems, piriformis syndrome, and strained thighs.

✓ Posture Improvement & Inflammation Reduction:

Promotes proper spinal alignment, minimizing strain on the lower back and nerves. Gentle compression aids in reducing sciatic nerve inflammation.

✓ Universal Fit & Endorsement:

Adjustable compression system ensures safe blood flow, offering optimal support for waist sizes 26" to 46". Recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists for proven pain relief.

✓ Continuous Support During Activities:

Versatile design provides continuous support and pain relief during work, exercise, and daily routines.

Invest in your mobility with the Ortho-Wrap Hip Brace—say goodbye to hip problems and hello to enhanced confidence.

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